OSHA Pre-check for Accident Avoidance and Safety

Our solution makes it easy to manage, track, and report your equipment inspection data. The user-friendly system addresses all aspects of equipment inspection and certification.

Once our software is integrated into your system, the equipment is locked-out by default. It is only useable by completing the Start of Shift guided inspection or by enabling Maintenance Mode. This ensures the equipment is safe to operate reducing accidents and costly personnel injury or equipment repair expenses.

The highlights of the iSAM solution:


When the operator signs into the OPAAS system, the first task performed is to make sure the operator is fit to operate the equipment then to check if the operator is certified on that specific equipment. The intent is to prevent unauthorized use by untrained or medically restricted employees.

Medical Restrictions
This system allows the integration of medical restrictions into the pre-check process. If the operator is on restrictive duty and the equipment exceeds those limits, then the system will not allow the operator to perform the pre-check. Optionally, annual physicals tracking can prevent an operator who has missed a physical to use the equipment. This helps ensure the operator is capable of operating the equipment safely.

Operator Certifications
Similar to the medical restriction system, the operator certification system tracks and notifies of upcoming or missed certifications or training.  This will prevent equipment use if a certification has expired or is not present.


For systems controlled by PLCs, PCs or other electronical systems we can query for information about the equipment and determine range and condition based checks. The types of checks are only limited to what sensor data is provided.

Environmental Monitoring
Some equipment is not safe to operate in certain weather conditions. The system monitors those conditions defined and either prevents operation or alerts the operator of the condition. An example would be operating a crane in high wind. The system could prevent the lift if the current wind speed exceeds safety limits.

Equipment Certification System
The equipment certification system tracks and notifies of upcoming or missed certifications and prevents equipment use if a certification has expired. When the specific maintenance tasks are complete, a re-certification inspection is automatically generated to bring the equipment back online. When performing a re-certification inspection, the maintenance team is guided through a list of tasks to perform.


Centralize Your Audit Data
Store and manage all of your health and safety data in a single, secure and centralized system.

Automated Email Alerts
Automatically trigger escalating email notifications to employees for pending and overdue audit-related tasks to ensure task completion and compliance.

Checklists, Reports & Dashboards
Generate audits checklists, create real-time reports summarizing detailed audit information and quickly identify trends on your audit performance dashboard.

Report Nonconformance and Track CAPAs
Capture nonconformance with customizable audit checklists and forms. Easily track and report on status of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs).

Ensure Compliance with Regulations and Standards
Meet and exceed all auditing and CAPA requirements for ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environment Management Systems) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management Systems) standards and ensure preparedness for OSHA audits.